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10 Essentials for Your Winter Beauty Bag

10 Essentials for Your Winter Beauty Bag

As the leaves begin to fall, you may be thinking about all the changes you need to make to your wardrobe, but you should also make some updates to your current beauty routine. Sweater weather brings about rain followed by dry, chilly air as autumn turns quickly into winter, and you will need to give your skin a little extra pampering through this season.

Check out our top products to ensure you have healthy, nourished skin, and are also looking fall fabulous while you are at it! All brands listed are led by BIPOC founders from diverse backgrounds. 

Hydrating Oil: You will find your skin and hair in need of a little extra hydration during the fall months and Kadalys’ Radiance Oil is a great all in one solution that you can use all over your body and hair.


Product Recommendation: Kadalys Radiance Oil


This radiance oil is made with patented Yellow Banana Bio-Active, which has 21x the antioxidant power of argan oil. It will restore the shine to your hair without any greasy residue. When using on your face to achieve a youthful glow, you will also be preventing wrinkles! The oil can be used daily and smells amazing!


Hydrating Foundation: In the warmer months we tend to opt for less coverage and water-based foundations. However, Fall’s cooler climate and busy social calendar often calls for something with more coverage and staying power.


Product Recommendation: Marena Beaute Le Teint Tarou


The Le Teint Tarou compact foundation blends flawlessly and applies super smoothly over your skin to be the perfect all-day wear foundation. Great for all skin types, Le Teint Tarou offers great coverage for blemishes, and evens out skin tones for a beautiful, natural luster.


Lip Balm: If your lips are feeling dry and parched this Fall, opt for a lip balm derived from natural ingredients to heal quickly and leave your lips smooth and hydrated.


Product Recommendation: Dehiya Lip Balm


Once you try Dehiya Lip Balm you will never go back to anything else. The ingredients are rare and luxurious, and one of the active ingredients is a super fruit with elevated levels of antioxidants. This lip balm will provide ultra-hydrating benefits as well as protect your lips from environmental damage. If your lips are super dry, you should exfoliate them before using lip balm.

Lip Scrub:

Product Recommendation: NCLA Lip Scrub


If the cold weather has your lips feeling super dry, this intense, all natural and vegan lip scrub cleanses, gently exfoliates, hydrates, and brightens lips. It’s formulated with all natural hydrating ingredients including sugar, cocoa butter, shea butter, and agave nectar. 

Body Butter: We all could use a little extra moisture all over to protect our skin from the cooler air and wind that fall weather brings. Body butter is a great solution that will help hydrate and protect your skin from the environment.


Product Recommendation: Pholk Beauty Werkacita


If you want to look and feel your best, Pholk Beauty’s Beauty Balm will be like soul food for your skin. The Moroccan Rose oils in the balm will leave your skin hydrated and help to calm any irritation while the soothing eucalyptus will relieve aching muscles and soreness. This body butter is also vegan and can be used to remove makeup.



Dark Lipstick: Nothing says Fall like sweater weather and lipstick in deep hues of red, plum, brown, and burgundy. 


Product Recommendation: Marie Hunter Intense Matte Lipstick

The Marie Hunter Intense Matte Lipstick in Marie is the perfect dark lipstick that will saturate your lips in color and moisture. You will get the perfect full-coverage, long-lasting, dramatic matte that you need for fall beauty.


Mascara: Fall calls for a fresh tube of mascara, especially a stay on all day and all night one that is perfect for transitioning from day to evening!


Product Recommendation: Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara


Flaking mascara at the end of a long day is the worst, especially when you have after-work plans and no time to transition into a fresh face of makeup. The Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara is the perfect solution. This mascara creates volume, is smudge-proof and guarantees 24-hour flawless wear so you will never need to worry about flaking or dark lines from Mascara smudges.


Dark Nail Polish: Nothing marks the transition from Summer to Fall, quite like the sea of manicures in deep moss, Bordeaux, mustard, and chocolate brown.


Product Recommendation: People of Color Brown Sugar Babe


The rich brown hues of this perfect fall nail polish complement a variety of skin tones and are designed specifically for people of color. This brand also does not use the common toxins found in many of the top-brand nail polishes and is also vegan and cruelty free!


Product Recommendation: People of Color Lili’uokalani


If you are looking for a fun color that will pop and shine on your nails while also making you feel like the absolutely Queen that you are, try Lili’uokalani shade by People of Color for your nail polish. The green tones represent the beautiful Hawaiian land and the Queen’s story is one of bravery and freedom as she fought US imperialism.


Eye Palette: While we love a warm earthy color palette for the Fall, Jacque Mgido has nailed the eye palette for all seasons with her latest rendition.


Product Recommendation: Jacqui Mgido Eye Palette


Just because it is fall does not mean you have to stick to the earth tones and warm shades. Sometimes you need to add a pop of pink or bright blue to break through the gloom a fall day can sometimes bring. This eye palette from Jacque Mgido Cosmetics is perfect for year around use and a fun night out.


Mask: It is normal for skin to feel less moisturized and dry in the cooler months. A hydrating mask is a great addition to your Fall beauty routine. 


Product Recommendation: Dehiya Aya Mask


There is nothing better than a soothing, hydrating, and brightening face mask to help you unwind after a long day. The Dehiya Aya Mask is made with plant-based botanicals that depuff, calm, and protect skin while intensely hydrating to restore balance for a radiant glow. 


You do not need to struggle through the weather getting drier and colder when you shop these non-toxic, cruelty-free products that will keep your skin hydrated and glowing, while also leaving you fall fashion ready! These 9 Fall essentials will help you look and feel your best.

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