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Find Your Signature Fragrance

Find Your Signature Fragrance

The things we like, and our personal taste is based on our personalities, and those traits are often molded by our zodiac signs. You probably never thought to find your signature fragrance based on your zodiac sign, but it is a super fun way to find a new scent that you are sure to fall in love with. Check out our candle recommendations for every zodiac sign.


  •   January 20 - February 18
  •   Element: Air
  •   Personality: free-spirited, maverick, original and uncompromising
  •   Fragrance Notes: citrus, rose, balsam, black currant
  •   Product Recommendation: Hive Loyalty Candle
  •   Product Notes: sweet, playful, luscious, crisp

The Aquarius may have been born in the winter, but their free spirit loves a scent that is as clean, crisp, and fresh as a summer day. We love the balsam notes in the Hive Loyalty Candle that reminds us of the unwavering integrity of an Aquarius.


  •   February 19 - March 20
  •   Element: Water
  •   Personality: affectionate, empathetic, kind, peaceful
  •   Style Notes: cedarwood, amber, tuberose, lily, jasmine, warm
  •   Product Recommendation: Hive Love Child Candle
  •   Product Notes: feminine, romantic, sophisticated

Pisces are known for their loving, nurturing personalities so a candle fragrance that feels like a warm embrace will have a Pisces feeling right at home. This floral and earthy scent of Love Child Candle is alluring and perfect for a romantic night in with your love.


  •   March 21 - April 19
  •   Element: Fire
  •   Personality: brave, fearless, natural leader, 
  •   Style Notes: cinnamon, strong wood, sandalwood, warm
  •   Product Recommendation: Marie Hunter Bourbon Vanilla Candle
  •   Product Notes: spicy, vanilla, autumn, mandarin orange

The brave, fearless Aries leader loves scents that are bold and rich. We love the Bourbon Vanilla Candle from Marie Hunter that will remind you of a cool autumn day and your favorite, most comfortable sweater weather outfit.


  •   April 20 - May 20
  •   Element: Earth
  •   Personality: strong, dependable, sensual, and creative
  •   Fragrance notes:  earthy, jasmine, cedarwood, rose
  •   Product Recommendation: Hive Acceptance Candle
  •   Product Notes: floral, elegant, refined

Taurus's do not back down, and they love things that are elegant and refined which is why the strong, bold scent of the Acceptance Candle by Hive is perfect for their home. You will get the perfect mix of subtle floral tones expressed through bold earthy tones that smell like a spring day in a beautiful meadow of blooming flowers.


  •   May 21- June 20
  •   Element: Air
  •   Personality:  easygoing and fun, expressive, kind
  •   Fragrance notes: floral, citrus, lemon, refreshing
  •   Product Recommendation: Marie Hunter Prosecco Candle
  •   Product Notes: Citrus, Floral, Apricot, Passionfruit

Geminis are expressive with light, airy, easy-going personalities that make them fun to be around. The Prosecco Candle is elegant while also crisp, refreshing, and clean. The citrus notes are sure to remind you of sparkling wine in the summertime.


  •   June 21 - July 22
  •   Element: Water
  •   Personality: sensitive, practical, sentimental 
  •   Fragrance notes: fresh, romantic, fruity, floral
  •   Product Recommendation: Marie Hunter Peony Candle
  •   Product Notes: romantic, powdery, floral, spring

The sentimental and practical Cancer loves scents that are light, not overpowering, and something that everyone who comes into their home will find delightful. The Peony Candle by Marie Hunter offers this welcoming scent through light florals like peony and powdery fresh notes.


  •   July 23 - August 22
  •   Element: Fire
  •   Personality: passionate, courageous, theatrical
  •   Fragrance Notes: green anise, rose, tea leaf, violet
  •   Product Recommendation: Hive Joy Candle
  •   Product Notes: bubbly, live, celebratory

Leo is known for their passion, expressive personality, and courage which is why the sunny notes of the Joy Candle by Hive are the perfect signature scent for Leos. This candle smells like happiness and will bring life to your home through its energizing notes.


  •   August 23 - September 22
  •   Element: Earth
  •   Personality: organized, focused, pragmatic
  •   Fragrance Notes: vanilla, tobacco, sultry, warm
  •   Product Recommendation: Hive Trust Candle
  •   Product Notes: masculine, mosaic, smooth

If you have a secret to share, you can be sure that Virgo will keep it safe for you. The Trust Candle is smooth and warm, sultry, and masculine, and will make you feel as though you are sitting in a sophisticated lounge smoking cigars and drinking the finest bourbon.


  •   September 23 - October 22
  •   Element: Air
  •   Personality: Harmony, Balance, Peacemaker
  •   Fragrance Notes: citrus, sweet, flirtatious, florals
  •   Product Recommendation: Marie Hunter Magnolia Blossom
  •   Product Notes: romantic, floral, magnolia, amber

The markers of Libra are calmness, harmony, and balance. Libras are great at seeing all sides of a situation which makes them well-rounded and grounded. The Magnolia Blossom Candle brings harmony between the soft musk of amber and the sweetness and subtleness of magnolia blossoms.


  •   October 23 - November 21
  •   Element: Water
  •   Personality: passionate, resourceful, brave
  •   Fragrance Notes: sexy, fierce, dark, woody 
  •   Product Recommendation: Marie Hunter Leather & Suede Candle
  •   Product Notes: warm woods, rich amber, spice

Leather & Suede is a sexy and sultry scent that is perfect for Scorpio who loves woodsy fragrances with rich amber and a hint of spice. This decadent candle will help zealous Scorpio relax after a long day with its warm, comforting, and mellow notes.


  •   November 22 - December 21
  •   Element: Fire
  •   Personality: extroverted, optimistic, generous
  •   Fragrance Notes: sweet, spicy, exotic, amber 
  •   Product Recommendation: Hive Wonder Candle
  •   Product Notes: unexpected, astounding, breathtaking


Wonder is the perfect candle for the Sagittarius that is always looking towards the future with optimism and excitement. The sweet vanilla and tart red berry notes bring about an unexpected feeling of nostalgia for Christmas morning. We love this candle for family gatherings around the holidays.


  •   December 22-January 19
  •   Element: Earth
  •   Personality: ambitious, practical, leader, sensitive
  •   Fragrance Notes: Strong, spicy, sweet
  •   Product Recommendation: HIVE Black Honey Candle
  •   Product Notes: honeysuckle, sandalwood, jasmine

This sensual candle is perfect for Capricorns who love a warm scent with hints of sweetness and floral undertones. This candle is perfect for anyone who loves the intoxicating scents of honeysuckle and jasmine.

You will not go wrong with any candle on this list and the quality of scent, burn time, and beautiful design will certainly entice you to purchase more than one. We suggest grabbing the one aligned with your zodiac sign but also snagging a few others that pique your interest.

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