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Karina is the founder of Beautology Lab, a clean-clinical lab that's Biohacking skin with your health and environment in mind. Born in the U.S., from Cuban and Lebanese parents, she started Beautology Lab out of a simple need, she was looking for skincare products that were natural, effective, and didn't contain toxic chemicals that would adversely affect her health.

After experiencing gut, skin, and immune system-related health challenges she realized there weren't many options for clean skincare that avoided the use of many common toxic chemicals. That was when she set out to create the cleanest skincare brand alongside chemists, biologists, botanists, epidemiologists, and dermatologists that blended nature and science to nurture our skin health.

She also wanted the brand to represent a biohacking approach to the skin by taking the research stemming from the fields of health, nutrition, and longevity and crossing them over into efficacious regime systems that solve target skin concerns.

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