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Enzuri Beauty

Enzuri Beauty

Kisha Tyrrell is the CEO and Founder of Enzuri Beauty. In her words, "I wanted to combine the importance of self-care with my love of taking care of my skin to follow my passion for creating quality skin care products that encourage the wellness of skin, body, and spirit."

While her entry into the beauty industry is far from her corporate experience in Finance and Reinsurance, she considers herself a skincare enthusiast and a driven entrepreneur.

Born and raised on the majestic island of Bermuda early in life, she was teased about her beautiful dark skin. Fortunately, she was taught to appreciate her beauty and developed a keen awareness of the importance of caring for her skin. She got her first facial at 12, and the love story began.

After a tragic life changing event she began to suffer from breakouts and dryness and found she was no longer following her holistic approach to self care. Healing, stillness, and gratitude inspired her to fall back in love with taking care of my skin, body, and spirit. So, she focused on what made her feel good and as a result more good showed up.

Keisha believes self-care shouldn’t be a tough decision. And from that, Enzuri Beauty was created. A luxury skincare brand that caters to the unique issues affecting women – uneven skin tones, loss of elasticity, dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Enzuri Beauty, harnesses Bermuda’s innate power and luxury. From the clean, high-quality ingredients to the glass bottle packaging, every detail is about the experience of Enzuri Beauty, delivering the utmost luxury and unparalleled efficacy.

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