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Hive Luxury Fragrances

Hive Luxury Fragrances

Bambi Montgomery is an Atmosphere Curator - a purveyor of sensory experiences.

Bambi is apart of the vanguard of those who possess the rare ability to curate and create distinctive luxury experiences utilizing the beauty and power of fragrance. Over the past two decades she has shared these mastered talents through the services offered at her salons and spas - Honey Child*Chicago and HIVE*Los Cabos, Mexico. Now, with HIVE Luxury Fragrances, a luxury boutique Fragrance House.

Master Perfumer

Inspired by the power of fragrance to elevate, enhance, and create memorable experiences, while impacting health, balance, and well-being, Bambi accredits her success to mastering the art of perfuming. Bambi is a French-trained perfumer - highly-skilled in this seldom mastered technique. Yet, it is her rare synesthetic abilities that set her apart from her contemporaries. She views her work through this bible passage, “The work of a Perfumer Is salted, pure and sacred”. Exodus 30:35

As a Synesthete, Bambi fully understands the deep interconnections between all of the senses - allowing her to curate one-of-kind experiences that recall old memories and inspire new ones - without the utterance of a single word.

Affectionately known as Chicago’s very own Queen B, she is the purveyor of ambiance - the maven of vibe. Her commitment to excellence, her unparalleled attention to detail, and her dedication to the enrichment of the lives of everyone she encounters sets her apart.

Her seemingly effortless approach and extraordinary abilities have cemented her reputation as a true master of the art of sensory experiences and luxury fragrances.

Bambi’s work has been featured in numerous magazines, videos, ad campaigns and television shows including InStyle, Allure, Essence, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, O Magazine, Glamour, Chicago Magazine, Ebony, Time Out Chicago, Dining Out, Journey, Monarch, Women’s Health, Baja Traveler, Chicago Social, and The Oprah Show.

HIVE Fragrances - My Melanin Candle


HIVE Fragrances - The Blacker The Berry Candle


HIVE Fragrances - Black Mahogany Candle


HIVE Fragrances - Wonder Gem Candle


HIVE Fragrances - Luxury Perfumes

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