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Ilera Apothecary

Ilera Apothecary

ILERA Apothecary, founded in 2015 by Chinonye Akunne, is a plant-based skincare brand based in Detroit. It was established on Chinonye's Nigerian heritage and pharmaceutical background. The name ILERA — meaning health, derives from Yoruba, a national language in Nigeria. The word apothecary was inspired by her family line of pharmacists. Their products are all-natural, cruelty-free, organic, vegan, and ethically-sourced.

The ILERA Apothecary team strives to keep West African practices and philosophies alive by delivering sustainable ingredients found naturally on the Earth. Our most commonly used ingredient is Okwuma, the Igbo term for Shea Butter. Okwuma is a natural plant grown in the Shea Belt of West Africa.

ILERA Apothecary is created for those who want high-quality ingredients for their skin without compromising the environment or their budget.

In addition to offering products with skin healing benefits, ILERA Apothecary excels in social good. They are involved in unique partnerships that create jobs and economic development in 3 countries and growing.


Ilera Apothecary - Nostalgia Moisturizing Body Butter

$22.00   $10.00

Ilera Apothecary - Awaken Moisturizing Body Butter

$22.00   $10.00

Ilera Apothecary - Balancing Rose Toner


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