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"Since the beginning, I have always believed that beauty should be simple and ethical.

Ten years ago, shopping for cosmetics meant deciphering between an array of multi-step makeup routines and products chock-full of harmful chemicals. You literally had to pick your poison - cosmetics that would mask who you really were or those that would damage you from the outside in.

Like many of you, I knew that our products didn’t have to come with such comprise. I believed (and still do!) that real beauty - both simple and safe - could be achieved. I wanted to see a change in the cosmetics industry for modern women seeking confidence, without compromise, in their cosmetics. This desire became the beginning motivation behind Marie Hunter."

KeNisha Ruff - Founder and Creative Director

Marie Hunter - Silk Blush


Marie Hunter - Intense Matte Lipsticks


Marie Hunter - Luxury Matte Lipstick


Marie Hunter - Lustrous Lipsticks


Marie Hunter - Luxe Gloss


Marie Hunter - Waterproof Gel Lip Liner


Marie Hunter - Bourbon Vanilla Candle


Marie Hunter - Leather + Suede Candle