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Mora Cosmetics

Mora Cosmetics

Mora means a pearl in Farsi. Like a pearl, we believe beauty is a precious part of a person's day.

Mora Cosmetics was born from necessity. After being told to avoid traditional cosmetics during her high-risk pregnancy in 2015, cofounder Minara El-Rahman sought natural alternatives for makeup. As a makeup enthusiast, she was disappointed to find that clean beauty products on the market were not high-performance. To honor her Muslim heritage, she also found that halal cosmetic options were lacking. She decided to start Mora Cosmetics to create a halal, clean, vegan beauty line that was in line with her values of ethical working conditions, small batches to ensure a high-quality product, and sustainable practices to protect our precious planet and resources.

Shortly after she decided to start Mora Cosmetics, Minara met Jasmine Dayal. Jasmine wanted to create a beauty line that was simplified and streamlined. She wanted her passion for the environment to be reflected in the beauty products she used and to create a kinder brand: one not built off of the suffering of animals. Concerned with climate change, Jasmine felt it was especially important to have a product that aided rather than hindered sustainability efforts.

Together, they both wanted to create makeup that enhanced the beauty of each person; not mask it.

Mora Cosmetics - Satin Sheen Multistick


Mora Cosmetics - Beach Glass Highlighter


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