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OMGLO Cosmetics

OMGLO Cosmetics

It all started with a simple DIY hack. Makeup Artist Joelle Phillips had difficulty finding glow products that would provide her clients, primarily women of color, with a glow from within look without looking too heavy.

Since she couldn't find the right products, she started making her own. She began playing with pigments in her finishing sprays and decided to share her "hack "on social media; in a matter of days, her video on Instagram went viral. Suddenly, women from all over the world were asking her to bottle and sell her creation.

Joelle spent three months developing the product, experimenting with different pigments that would enhance the appearance of her mostly melanin clientele. In March 2017, she created OMGLO Cosmetics, and the rest is GLOWING!

"Once I decided to make this product, I only wanted the best ingredients, gorgeous colors, and most importantly, to make sure that each product represented all of EVERYONE! All the people that inspire me to be fearless, to be strong, to have fun, and ALWAYS to create".   ~Joelle Phillips

OMGLO - Glow Serum Highlighter


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