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Sade Baron

Sade Baron

We are a mother-daughter duo creating highly concentrated body care products that make your skin feel great. As a 100% woman-owned business, we select every ingredient in our products. Everything is handmade, carefully packaged, and personally checked for impeccable quality.

When we began this company, we committed to making products with premium, quality ingredients at an affordable price. Now, we are creating what we could not find anywhere else. Feed your skin with nutrients, and your body will absorb these nutrients. More nourished, your skin will heal faster, and unlock its natural, reformative potential.

Sade Baron - Waterfall Aloe Vera + Spirulina Soap


Sade Baron - Anchor Citrus Blend Body Souffle


Sade Baron - Vulcano Activated Charcoal Body Wash


Sade Baron - River Sweet Citrus Body Wash


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