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AcARRE™️ was created by Tracey Kearse, CEO and Chief Chemist, based on the foundation of utilizing plant biodiversity to create multi-use skincare products that bring balance to the skin. The brand is inspired by African and Pacific Islander ancestry, using natural ingredients like Baobab oil, Rosehip fruit oil, and Kalahari melon seed oil. These ingredients are crafted into multi-use products that work in sync with the skin’s natural elements.

AcARRE™️ upholds its commitment to social, economic, and environmental appreciation by providing benefit sharing and fair business relations, supporting and respecting the cultural and historical importance of the ingredients, and ensuring they are ethically and sustainably sourced.

About the Founder - Tracey Kearse is a chemical engineer who has worked in product development and marketing for over fifteen years. While working for a skin and hair care company, Tracey was approached by several people looking for a high-quality multi-use product for their face and scalp. These inquiries planted the seed for her to develop a unique multi-use product. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the decision to begin her own company was natural, and soon AcARRE™️ was formed.


Acarre - Beauty Edit Multi Use Bioactive Dry Oil

From  $45.00

Acarre - Jade Gua Sha


Acarre - Beauty Refresh, Multi Use Treatment Powder


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