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Clean Beauty

Our Commitment to Mindful Beauty for All Complexions

At Melanin Grace, we believe in building confidence with beauty products that are safe and authentic. We thoughtfully consider the products we carry and how they will affect our physical and emotional well-being. If a product's not free of harmful chemicals and cruelty-free, we won't offer it.

We understand that skin is our largest body organ accounting for 16 percent of our total body weight. So it makes sense that much of what is applied to our skin is absorbed into the body and can have positive or negative effects. That's why we believe in practicing a healthful lifestyle through the use of clean beauty products, because essentially, what's applied on the outside affects what's on the inside.

What is clean beauty?  

Rather than 'clean,' we refer to the products we offer as 'mindful.' Just because a product is organic, natural, or green doesn’t mean it’s mindfully manufactured with non-toxic ingredients. Here's what we know. There is little federal guidance or a solid definition of 'clean beauty.' Mindful beauty stands for safe products, free of toxic chemicals, with transparent labeling of ingredients.

Bet you didn't know, European Union laws ban 1328 chemicals from beauty products that are known or suspected to cause cancer and have other adverse effects on our health. While in the United States there are only 11 chemical toxins banned by the FDA. In fact, there are at least 25 toxins found in beauty products that have harmful effects.

We're here to help, if you're a mindful beauty enthusiast or just starting your journey we've put together two lists of ingredients you should know. Review The Toxic List to learn about harmful ingredients to avoid and MG Approved for favorable ingredients to explore and what products they're commonly found in.

If you're still unsure what's best for your skin type, no worries we're here for you, reach out to us. we're happy to assist plus we offer free skincare consultations!

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