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Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty

Jenn Harper has been making a name for Cheekbone Beauty in the beauty industry for a number of years but has been gaining popularity quickly after being on the hit CBC show, Dragons Den.

As the founder and CEO, she struggled to accept her Indigenous roots and built Cheekbone Beauty to help today’s Indigenous youth see themselves in a beauty brand. After learning about her grandmother’s experience in residential schools, she understood how she and her family were affected by generational trauma.

Today, Cheekbone Beauty is an integral part Jenn’s healing journey as she works closely with her community and sustainability experts to reimagine beauty products.

Cheekbone Beauty - Sustain Mascara


Cheekbone Beauty - Sustain Compexion Pencil


Cheekbone Beauty - Sustain Eyeliner Pencil


Cheekbone Beauty - Sustain Lipgloss


Cheekbone Beauty - Sustain Liquid Lipstick


Cheekbone Beauty - Sustain Eyeshadow Pencil


Cheekbone Beauty - Mattifying Moon Dust


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