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Angie Watts

Angie Watts

Angela Hubbard was born Angela (Angie) Watts. She decided to name her company using the surname Watts to honor her grandmother, the late, Juanita Watts. 

Angie created the natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare collection out of her kitchen after a long battle with her daughter's eczema issues. Treating her symptoms without the use of steroids, led to the development of Angie’s first all-natural skincare product, Nam Eczema and Extra Dry Skin Therapy. 

After witnessing the remarkable benefits of using plant-based ingredients, Angie's mission and commitment was to formulate her product line using only the healing properties of plants. Her aim is to exceed the expectations of her customers providing high quality, chemical-free and cruelty-free products to nourish, hydrate, and promote healthy skin.


Angie Watts - NAM Eczema + Extra Dry Skin Therapy

$22.00   $20.00

Angie Watts - Lemongrass + Vanilla Whipped Body Butter


Angie Watts - Sheba Oil


Angie Watts - NAM Eczema+ Extra Dry Skin Serum, 4oz


Angie Watts - Beard Wash


Angie Watts - Oshun's Skin Food Facial Scrub


Angie Watts - Beard Comb


Angie Watts - Skin Awakening Cleanser + Toner

$10.00   $7.00

Angie Watts - Mask Brush


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