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About Us

Melanin Grace was founded by Marti Moore, a retail executive with 20+ years in the beauty industry. Her journey to entrepreneurship began after years of frustration with deficient product choices and the lack of distribution opportunities for black and brown-owned brands. From products marketed to black women containing toxic ingredients to poor color choices, she knew a diverse range of healthy and effective products manufactured by thoughtful, well-intentioned makers existed.

So, in 2020 she created a marketplace with the best premium selection of beauty products for women of color that showcases Black, Brown, and Women-owned beauty + wellness brands offering products backed by science. 

MG aims to simplify shopping by offering a curated mix of established and emerging independent brands worldwide. Brands that focus on the unique needs of melanin-rich skin are mindful that their product's ingredients are free of chemical toxins, sustainable, and cruelty-free. Our goal is to provide an exceptional shopping experience by keeping you abreast of new product innovations and sharing insider tips that address your skincare and makeup needs. As a classically trained artist, Marti loves to explore how beauty+wellness+art work together to enhance our lives and celebrate what makes us unique. 

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!


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