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Why Mindful Beauty Matters

Why Mindful Beauty Matters

If you're a seasoned clean beauty enthusiast, just starting your journey or somewhere in between, this blog is your forum for beauty and wellness exploration. We'll provide helpful information regarding ingredients to look for in your products. How good and effective ingredients support our skin and how to identify the most dangerous chemicals to avoid.


Melanin Grace, Founder

First, I want to share my melanin journey, as it's been quite unconventional. Where most in our community love the sun and soak it up without hesitation, all my life, I've suffered from Polymorphic Light Eruption or (PMLE) during the summer and eczema in the winter. My skin couldn't get a break!

The most debilitating condition called PMLE causes a delayed skin reaction after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. This condition rarely affects melanin-rich skin. While the rest of my family embraced their melanin and enjoyed the sun, I often stayed inside or remained utterly covered up to avoid experiencing a painful stinging rash and itching, which led to red, swollen, and oozing skin.

I spent years going to doctors to find prescribed medications to help. Nothing seemed to work, so eventually, I just stayed out of the sun or endured the consequences. It wasn't until I started the clean beauty journey that I discovered plants' nourishing and healing power. Now plant-based skincare products are an integral part of my skincare routine, which has really helped!


Helps soothe irritated sun damaged skin.


A natural mineral used in sunscreen is best for protecting sensitive skin from harmful UV rays.

So, each morning I rise grateful to welcome a new day of exploring beauty. Whether discovering the efficacy of natural ingredients in products to support our melanin-rich skin or creating art to express the beauty around me, the intentional pursuit of beauty boosts my well-being.

When it comes to our well-being, there are a few things to know about choosing skincare products. First, the skin is our largest body organ accounting for 16 percent of our total body weight. So, it makes sense that what's applied to our skin is absorbed into the body and can have positive or adverse effects. Second, that's why it's essential to use "clean" products free of harmful chemicals, because essentially, what's applied on the outside affects what's on the inside.


What is clean beauty? Just because a product is organic, natural, or green doesn't mean it's "clean" or non-toxic. Unfortunately, there is little federal guidance or a solid definition of "clean beauty."  The term clean beauty refers to safe products, free of toxic chemicals, with transparent labeling of ingredients. At Melanin Grace, I like to call it Mindful Beauty, a term many in the beauty industry are starting to use.


What’s in your beauty products?


Here are a few statistics you should know, European Union laws ban 1328 chemicals from beauty products known or suspected to cause cancer and have other adverse effects on our health. While in the United States, the FDA only bans 11 chemical toxins from our products, and most of these are chemical colorants. At least 25 known toxins are found in everyday beauty products sold in the U.S. that have very harmful side effects.

Are you looking for more info and interesting nuggets? Stay tuned and check out my next blog to explore ingredients that should be in everyone's skincare products.

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