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5 Must Have Bath & Body Products

5 Must Have Bath & Body Products


A refreshing and nourishing spa-like bath routine is lovely for your skin but can also do wonders for your health and wellbeing. Curate the perfect experience with premium bath and body products made with clean, non-toxic aromatic ingredients. It’s important not to compromise your health for the sake of relaxation!

Choose the perfect body care routine for YOU

Find the perfect body care regimen that fits you and your lifestyle. When you prioritize your routine, it can help melt away stress and renew your mind to kickstart or end your day on the highest vibrations. There is nothing like healthy glowing skin and a rejuvenated mind! Here are five must-have products you can add to your body care routine: 

1. Ilera Apothecary Awaken Hydrating Body Wash 

Hydrating Body Wash


Feel revived with Ilera Apothecary Awaken Hydrating Body Wash. This sensational body wash is infused with Citrus Oils to refresh and brighten your skin. The low foam formula keeps your skin hydrated all day long. Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to aloe-moisturized skin with a glow.

2. Latika Shower Steamer Sets 

Shower Steamer Sets

Add a shower streamer to your body care routine for a deeper rejuvenation! The Latika Shower Steamers are the perfect way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy while enjoying a quick shower. The steamers are scented with pure essential oils and available in 3 luscious formulas designed to help you relax & focus, breathe & release and uplift & energize. 

3. Earth by Roro Nourishing Body Oil

Nourishing Body Oil

Due to overexposure to sun or harsh weather conditions, your skin becomes susceptible to dryness. Therefore regularly having an oil session will retain moisture and soothe your dry skin. As body oils are non-greasy, your skin will have visible softness. They are also great for maintaining the elasticity and glow of your skin. 

The Earth By Roro Nourishing Body Oil is blended with essential oils, fragrance oil, Vitamin E, jojoba, avocado and coconut oil, this natural combination will create wellness for your skin. Geared to benefit sensitive and dry skin, this oil will absorb quickly into the skin while sealing to lock in moisture. Our fragrance oils are toxinc-free. Available in 3 luscious scents: Rosie, Santal and Coconut Milk & Lavender. 


4. Buff Experts Exfoliating Gloves 

Buff Experts Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliating daily is a great way to soften skin and also protect against ingrown hairs and extend your wax results at home. These Buff Experts - Exfoliating Gloves are ultra-thick for gentle daily exfoliation from neck-to-toe. The great thing is they can be used wet or dry. The densely-woven fibers improve the lather of your soap or body wash for a more luxurious and efficient clean. Say goodbye to dry, flaky and dead skin!

5. Angie Watts Sheba Whipped Body Butter

Sheba Whipped Body Butter

The Angie Watts Sheba Whipped Body Butter is a duo of shea butter and baobab oil blended and whipped up into creamy body butter. It is packed with Omegas 3, 6, and 9 and vitamins, infused with scents of lavender, lemon and orange essential oils. Use it daily to keep the skin moisturized and soft. 

Embrace a bath and body self-care routine.

Getting a spa-like refreshing experience at your place is now possible! This self-care trend is becoming so popular due to effortlessly letting people get healed from within! You will love the luxury bathing experience that rejuvenates your mind and body. Plus, it will help make your skin silky soft and lock the moisture.

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