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Sina Zere is the founder of Buff Experts. She's a Habesha woman who loves beauty, books, and cake.

Buff Experts is a juicy, bold and plant-powered collection of body care products crafted to pamper and protect all our gorgeous nooks and crannies. The focus is on high-quality, plant-powered ingredients that cleanse, moisturize and protect. Our products feel good, smell good, and make you look oh-soo good.

This collection is near to Sina’s heart. She suffered from gynecological issues as a young woman and through education and natural products was finally able to reclaim her intimate health. Sina envisions a new generation of women who are educated on and empowered to properly take care of their lady gardens. We’re at the beginning of a revolution in our personal wellness and she hopes you’ll join her in helping women everywhere access great care for down there.



Buff Experts - Glycolic & Green Tea Exfoliating Pads

$29.00   $20.00

Buff Experts - Jojoba + Apricot Emollient Body Oil


Buff Experts - Exfoliating Gloves


Buff Experts - Srsly Buffed Dry Brush


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